Licensing Our Technologies


NASA licenses its issued patents and pending patent applications to private industry in compliance with 37 CFR Section 404 entitled, "Licensing of Government-Owned Inventions.”

Companies interested in these innovative technologies can request additional information by contacting the KSC Technology Transfer Office. Once a company identifies a technology that it is interested in licensing, the company must submit a license application and a technology commercialization plan to the KSC Technology Transfer Office for consideration. Licenses for KSC technologies are individually negotiated, and each license contains terms concerning commercialization (practical application), license duration, royalties and/or fees, and periodic reporting. NASA KSC licenses may be exclusive or nonexclusive. In addition, the license may be negotiated for specific fields of use or specific geographic areas. After a technology is licensed to a company, the Technology Transfer Office monitors the licensee’s sales of products and services that incorporate KSC’s technologies. Upon approval by the licensee, success stories can be published in NASA Spinoff magazine and on other NASA websites. Government inventors are entitled to a share of the royalties generated from licensees, and the remaining royalties go to the NASA KSC Technology Transfer Office to be used to fund technology development projects at the Center.

In addition to traditional commercial licenses described above, KSC also offers an Evaluation License to potential licensees. An Evaluation License is a low-cost or no-cost alternative that allows companies to evaluate a technology’s technical feasibility and commercial viability for a short period of time prior to committing to a royalty-bearing commercial license.

For additional information on licensing or on individual technologies, please contact the NASA Technology Transfer Office at (321) 861-7158 or e-mail.